I am very excited to say that this marks my last day of school for my masters degree! There is a tiny part of me that does not want it to end, so that I will continue to have something to do during the week, but a huge part of me is jumping up and … More Graduation!!!!

Make It Personal

I know that I have given several ideas in past blog post about how we can keep God relevant in our lives through different programs, but I want to encourage students (and everyone else) to make some of your time with God personal. Going to church, on mission trips, or attending small groups do not … More Make It Personal


There are several different transitions that can take place during the college years. Anywhere from transitions between different years of school, transfers between different schools, and graduating going into the world or the next level of education are all places that cause big changes in life and pose challenges sticking to our healthy habits of … More Transitions

Dear Youth Director—Your job is never ‘done’

By guest blogger: Tashina Good You have successfully completed one more year of youth ministry and polished it off with a celebration for high school seniors. Now you attend their graduation parties and send them on their way with prayers and blessings. Congratulations, but it doesn’t end here and it certainly doesn’t begin here either! During … More Dear Youth Director—Your job is never ‘done’

Christian Friends

Finding the right group of friends when you reach college, has the ability to make or break you! We have all heard about the students who move off to college and fall in with the wrong group of people and spend their whole time at school partying. As high school students prepare for college, it … More Christian Friends

Christ Like Love

Christ commands us to love, and if we know the truth of God’s word loving someone requires that we share that truth with them. I say this not to guilt trip people into being witnesses of the Gospel, who run around hitting people over the head with Bibles, but I want to make a point … More Christ Like Love

Balancing Life

This message is relevant for those who are seeking to better themselves no matter where they are at in life, but in my experience it is particularly helpful in undergraduate and graduate school settings. Due to many outside sources (that I will not get into at this time) school has become increasingly expensive, as has … More Balancing Life